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Megacharlie's News

Posted by Megacharlie - October 8th, 2019

Hey! Looking for a place to share your work and talk to other animators and content creators?


The unofficial Animate Community Discord Server is a great place to do just that!

It's a great place to post works in progress, get new ideas, tools to help your workflow, and hang out with other animators!


Even if you do more art, programming, or music, or if you don't use flash to animate at all, we'd still love to have you here.




Posted by Megacharlie - October 20th, 2018



Ever accidentally fill in a line you didn't want to fill in? Want a more safe version of the standard Flash/Animate fill bucket?

If so Check out my new plugin for Flash and Animate, Safe Fill!



With Safe Fill you'll only fill in areas that haven't been filled in yet!


And for a quick color removal, just hold shift and click with it!

I just updated it so it works a lot faster and better across the board, if you're interested, get it free from the link below!




Posted by Megacharlie - February 3rd, 2017

Hi guys! Charlie here!


I haven't been very active on here for a while, Stretchyman The Hiding is still being worked on, I would say it's about 7.5/10 percent done? I'm not going to make any kind of release date yet because school and stuff is making this take way too long, but I will announce it a week before it comes out when it is done.


Where have I been?

I've really missed this site, I kinda feel like I have lost my connection with it because of all the stuff(Sitting in my chair ;-;) I have been doing. I kinda just started visiting Newgrounds less as I got deeper and deeper into working on The Hiding as I realized how big of an episode it was. I don't plan on leaving or abandaning Newgrounds anytime soon though, I love this site, you guys are a great comunity of people!


Hows The Hiding going?

It's going pretty good, again, it is definetly more of a large scale project then I realized when I started, but I can say for sure that I have greatly inproved my animation skills and I basically know every nook and cranny of Flash so that's cool. XD

Here's a little screenshot think incase you want to see some progress! Stay tooned for an anouncment or something, just don't ask me when!



Watcha working on other then The Hiding?

While The Hiding is my main project at the moment I do have many other side projects that will come out not long after or before The Hiding, I'll name/preview some here :3


Kill Da Guy 2

After finding out that Kill Da Guy had a small love hate fanbase I just knew I had to make another one, so obviously as with everything I stoped working on Stretchyman since I'm horrible with priority and only worked on it for about two weeks straight. I ended up with something pretty pollished but some of the key and also hard to code features that would really make the game a big thing ended up not getting done, since I'm not super good at combining the use of servers and actionscript, it kinda fell flat when I got to that part. I'll probably work on this after The Hiding comes out, and maybe not release it with that big multiplayer thing I was planning(Not giving out too many details here lol)



This Secret Project Thingy

I'm not going to be giving tons of details on this game, but the people I let see it really liked it and told me it was a game mechanic they hadn't exactly seen anywhere else. I wipped this up in a couple days a month or two ago and just went on from there. It's a rage sorta game, but once you get used to it it's not that hard. It needs a cut scene and like a ton more levels, but other then that it's a pretty good game. One thing about it, recent updates to Flash Player in modern webbrowsers break the collision on tons of flash games, including this one. if you switch tabs or sometimes even just pause, you can fall right through the ground. When this does get finished, I will have to offer some sort of downloadable version to avoid this bug, which really stinks.




Anything else?

I have other projects that I would love to finish but for now my main priority is going to be finishing The Hiding. When it's done I will finally be free from it's chains. haha.


Thanks :D

I would like to thank Tom for this amazing community that he and his friends built piece by piece, changing how media and entertainment consumption could have worked today! Thanks to everyone at Newgrounds for supporting me along the way. Without you guys idk what my stuff would be like. Also thanks for reading my post, it means a lot to me!


Have a great day / night!



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Posted by Megacharlie - August 11th, 2015

Hello! I'm Megacharlie159 and I am still working on Stretchy Man The Hiding.
This whole thing has taught me a lot about making animations quicker and also in higher quality. I have about 2 minutes of animation now, hoping for about 9 to 10 in total but hard to say at the moment since the script isn't even fully recorded and edited yet. (Yes, it is my fault XD)


This episode is probably the best so far, having the longest run time, good story, and has a big update animation wise. I should also mention that the backgrounds have been the biggest pain in the butt ever, since I wanted them to look super detailed and ended up going overboard by a lot actually. Animation wise, the show has received a large upgrade, going from half baked puppets to full on-board frame by frame, which looks very nice!


I guess that's about all I have to say, if you're interested in maybe doing a voice or something for the next episode you could just hit me up with some samples or something and I'll see if I have a spot for you. But that's about it, I guess.


I guess thats about it! Thanks for reading!


Posted by Megacharlie - June 2nd, 2015

Is Stretchyman your favorite cartoon ever? No? Great! GET A BACKGROUND!  NOW!!

Just click on your favorite one and as long as your arent on a computer from 1987 it will instintly download to your computers! Ta da!

Click Here!

Posted by Megacharlie - April 16th, 2015

My Pico Day game will probably not be ready on Pico Day. 



You may be wondering why and the simple answer is that Nobody would help me with the save feature on the NG API.

The game is playable but its stupid without a save feature, and doesnt have enough character tutorials yet. If someone would like to help me add in a save feature then maybe I could have it done Probably not this year but if I can get a save feature there is a posability. 

Now Then!

The Demo

To play the game click here

I'm sad to see this project die but nobody wants to help me. If you can help me get this game working better before Pico Day please message me or say so in the comments. 






Posted by Megacharlie - April 3rd, 2015

 Nothing going on here.

Posted by Megacharlie - April 3rd, 2015

Our cat Milo got hit by a car this morning. He was the only pet that I considered to be mine and now he's dead. If I had only been out there! I will forever hate myself for this.


Posted by Megacharlie - March 8th, 2015

I'm turning thirteen on March, 12th! If you would like to buy me a gift that would be nice.

My Amazon Wish List

I will be doing some more live streams soon and when I'm doing one you can watch it here.

I sadly wont be done with my pico day game unless I spend all my time on it. And if there is one thing most people should know about me, its that I have way to many projects!

I think thats all I wanted to say for now!


Posted by Megacharlie - February 21st, 2015

Make sure you all come and watch me animate at This Link !



Btw it begins any minute now and im going to be animating :D